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“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” — Leo Tolstoy

It's been a long time ever since I have posted anything on my blog. And during my absence I have enjoyed my life and went through major lows as well. I think we can all agree that time is of the essence and it does not stop for anyone.

We are all the slaves of time in one perspective! And managing it can be difficult or it can be the easiest thing you can ever do.

I have ADHD and at times when my schedule is messed up even by a single minute. It can be hard to go back to normal. I was diagnosed late in life and it wasn't until 4 years ago. I always remember of all the times that I could have done better in my life only if I were properly diagnosed earlier, in my youth. Acceptance is hard, but it isn't impossible.

It took time and patience for me to finally understand that I cannot dwell in my past. I certainly am not a person who can let go of things but I just take some time and let it sink in and try to focus on my present. To be honest I do not plan my future ever. I always try to live in my present cause my ideology is based on the fact that the future is uncertain and our actions is what dictates them. To overcome my ADHD, I tried a lot of therapies like pharmacological regimen and as well as non pharmacological therapies .

But what really helped me is scheduling ever second of my day to day chores , setting up reminders , alarms. They really help me to a great extend cause it creates a mindset for me that I should not lack behind and I need to get my things in order before the alarm buzzes. But taking frequent short breaks is quite important too cause when you schedule you very second, things can get very very boring and it can disturb ones mindset and turn the spirit down instead of being enthusiastic about it.

My story of being apathetic started a month and a half ago. It was in time of my birthday and I was a lot excited and I had my trips planned with my BFF and everything was as blissful as it can be. But the future had different plans for me and everything well down the rails and it kept spiralling and messing with my schedule and then Ramadan came over and I was tremendously exhausted cause I was on my medications and it was very hard to maintain the intake of two different kinds of medication in short amount of time. So I thought of taking a break and making peace with myself.

Now that Eid is over, I finally made plans to recover and create a new schedule and follow on with it. Hopefully I can be on track and nothing else disturbs my schedule.

If you are suffering from ADHD and you are an adult and want to live a life without being dependent on medication ( if accepted by your physician ), please try ADHD help support group , private counselling sessions or try new regiments that can help you stay concentrated and interested in your day to day life and not bore you out.

If you are someone who knows an AHDH patient and are inclined on helping them, the best way is to support them no matter what. Help them find their way of dealing with the situation . But never ever tear them out or try to humiliate or insult them for their lack of interest in their work or day to day chores. It does not help them at all but you can push them to far worse situations.

Che7rry Blossom,



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