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About Me!

Hey, Dear Mental Health Familia! I'm Dr. Saeed Arik Darin Nabi Shah, A Doctor and A licensed Mental Health Counselor.

For a long - long time, as far as I can remember I have been suffering from Multiple Mental Health Disorders. But now I feel strong and encouraged enough to share my story and my interests, I mostly intend to help people like me through sharing my journey and how I was able to coup up with it. But I will also be talking about a lot of stuff that I am interested in like Cosmeceuticals.

To be honest, it is difficult even now to share all this because I am an Introvert but as I said, I'm trying to do my best for myself and others too. Hope I can be of help to whoever is reading this. 

We all can be better versions of ourselves only if we try or let someone help us......

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