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Who Am I?

Okay, so this is a very tricky question. I believe I am multi-artistic soul!

I have done my course in Psychology and I am current P5 ( 5th year ) student of Doctor Of Pharmacy.

I am a self made MUA ( makeup artist ) , I love makeup! I love music! I love to read Fiction , and I am very determined to be a better version of myself.

It might be hard to believe but I am an introvert, this is my very first blog but I have always wanted to be a blogger or an influencer , even a fashion icon at times. But it was quiet difficult for me to consider achieving something as this because usually people like me with Multiple Mental Health issues are very intimidated to go public or gain attention. But I feel I am finally ready to embrace those winds and float like the Cherry Blossom's in the air. A hint of color and as free as a flight of feathers. .



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