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Appurtenances Of A Conservative Society On Mental Health

We all live different lives, we all choose our paths. No one person can fit another's shoes.

This topic enrages quite a conflict on its own. This topic is powerful enough to start an antagonism of mixed emotions between two different types of people in this world.

A Conservative Society! What do we mean by the word conservative? According to Oxford Dictionary the term,' Conservative ' is defined as,' averse to change or innovation and holding traditional values.' The term itself has a positive and as well as negative ring to it.

Let's access both definitions in different manners. Part one of the definition - Averse to change or innovation. As we read this sentence out loud, let's assess our emotions related to them as we say them out loud one more time. How do we feel about it? Based on the most common feedback that we receive, it sounds negative! It automatically regulates itself to be a negative emotion to our mental accessibility. Unable to change or accept new ways! Change, upgrade, and development have always been a better part of this world, and hence when we hear the words,' unable to change'. It exasperates us because we relate it to a hindrance to a brighter future we have ahead of ourselves. Change has brought many good things into this world, for instance - women empowerment and equality, world peace organizations, international import and export of materials, etc....... If we go by this example, some would argue that all of these things have already occurred and to what extent further change is required. To answer this, it all leads us back to the basics which is our Mentality. The likes and dislikes of a person's mentality on a larger scale determine a society or community's mentality.

If we exclusively speak about mental health, there are benefits and detriments to having a conservative society.

Both the benefits and detriments have to be compared closely to each other, as it is the use of this thought that proves to be healing for a mentally ill person. Some find solace in old-school mentality, and some struggle to find their place in the old-school society. Some thrive in a new era, and some flounder to find their value in this new era.

Personality Type 1

Personality Type 2

People comfortable in the old-school era

People suffering the consequences of the old-school era



Find it difficult to adjust to this new era

People who flourish in this new era

Some people like to follow a pattern, and that brings them peace. For instance, education, raising a family, purchasing a house, future investments, a non-competitive environment, and Investing in kids' college funds. This is not something old school or different but these are the values that ventured through centuries in our households and cultures.

Some people feel suffocated that they have to follow a pattern that is laid down through generations. They find it hard to save for the future and not live in the present, not enjoy today to its fullest. They find it hard to value an unknown future that they have never seen. What if the world ends tomorrow and they never get a chance to live the way they once dreamt of?

These people are stern and focused on achieving what has been done through generations, change brings them discomfort and uncertainty. They start to question their values, they develop anxiety about what they have been taught whole their lives, what they believed in their entire lives, an entire world that comes to the brink of being non-existent. This pushes them to a void of depression and self-doubt.

The new world brings all types of adventures, either travel, multinational cuisine, immigration, a new life not bounded by cultural heretics, an entire life of a gypsy bound to no relationships, answerable to no one, self-confidence, some are egotistic but live a good life, some essentric and yet live a good life. They can adapt to any change, even raising families as single parents or married couples with no cultural limitations. An ordinary life with punctuality drives them into depression. Some indulge in alcoholism, some turn addicts ( to various things and not only drugs ), and some run themselves down to suicidal tendencies. Certainty is death for them.

Knowing a pattern that is laid out and just to be followed, brings them peace and satisfaction of achieving something.

Following a path seems like a rat race for them or a flock of sheep heading in the same direction.

Some Of my readers would relate to one of the columns or both. The people who relate to both are ambi-cultural and have the capacity to thrive in the best of both worlds but also to drown in both scenarios. Most of Gen Z are ambi-cultural but they need time and therapy to discover how to handle and balance the best of both worlds or maybe just choose a singular path.

A Conservative society does not always mean a negative syllable, it is just the type of personality that we have that decides whether it is a blessing or a curse.

Find and discover yourself and the world will be a better place for you. Don't try to fit in or adapt, we are all different and what might float one's boat might sink yours. Self-discovery is very important for your well-being. It is you who will define a society and not the society that will determine you.


Che7rry Blossom



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