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Aah! What a catchy word , ' Dream ' . What would you define a dream or dreams as?

Let's start with me, I have always been a dreamer, always building fantasies either with Damon ( Ian Somerhalder ) from The Vampire Diaries or living a totally fantasy build up world especially at night.

Everyone has dreams and everyone dreams , but there is a slight difference between the dreams of a mentally ill person and a mentally stable person. Mentally ill people with specific disorders like Depression tend to live more in their fantasy world than be in and face the reality of the living world. It's usually because of the atmosphere they are in or the circumstances that cause their deep sorrows. No one is born with this disorder and a proper specific scientific answer to this is not found until now. It is speculated that it is usually due to disturbances caused in the levels of Serotonin in our body. Serotonin is one of the three major neurotransmitters responsible for various activities of the body functioning including - Behaviour , Mood and Memory.

Skipping the medical part! So people dream and move forward. Some people remember their dreams and some don't, its all normal.! But the difference between a mentally ill person's dream and a normal person's dream is that when a mentally ill person dream's they usually tend to live in that world as longer as they can. Due to such circumstances they would skip their meals, they would not get out of their bed, they would usually be just in a phase where they just constantly want to sleep and don't want to wake up at all. It's like they want to live in this fantasy world of theirs that they have created where they feel comfortable, they feel happy, they feel secure and the are the best version of themselves.

Normally nobody can sleep throughout the day, nobody can sleep throughout 24 hours or even constantly for 36 or 48 hours. But there is something termed as day dreaming. Sometimes you're sleeping and you have this dream but then you wake up and you want to go back into the dream, but you can't you know! Because sleep is a proper schedule created by the body. A person cannot constantly sleep and that's not how your body supposed to work. People with mental health disorders constantly keep lying on the bed it's not like they want to do it, it's just tends to happen. They just continue the dream that they had when they were sleeping and keep daydreaming throughout to keep themselves happy. I know this because I have been there. I can still remember this time when I went through a really bad phase of depression and all I did was sleep, skipped all meals, didn't eat anything! Even if I wanted to, I couldn't eat anything, I just remember my mom and my dad trying to feed me, forcing me to just eat a little and it was really bad but I got through it. The phase remained for exactly 42 to 46 days! I lost 6 kgs of weight. But thanks to my supporting parents that I got through it. And I am very grateful to them and always will be. They were there with me every step of the way!

What I would like to inform you is that be careful and be patient and take your time to heal yourself and that fantasy world is a happy place and I can see why you want to live there! But don't! Face the reality head on and live in this real world and achieve that happiness in this real world. Be who want to be here! And that is how you will feel the comfort and safety and most importantly the happiness that you want.

Yours, Che7rry Blossom



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