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Relationship With An Introvert!

When nobody wakes you up in the morning, and nobody waits for you at night, and when you can do whatever you want, what do you call it? Freedom ?? Or loneliness ?? - Up

Introvert! A figure of speech, a behavioral trait, or a mental health concern?

Let's clear a few facts about introversion! Introversion is not a mental health illness, it's a behavioral trait of a person that, he/she prefers to keep themselves happy and comfortable. People with such traits prefer to keep to themselves, do not mingle much, keep a low profile, and do not like to gain any attention.

The basic misconception about introverted people is that introverts are depressed people, which is a total SUS! Introverts actually enjoy a lot of activities on their own and tend to enjoy their own company and space, they have a large or small number of hobbies that keep them entertained during their day. They tend to prefer reading and writing, they enjoy solitude. They are happy people.

But at times introversion can lead to depression in the presence of other factors, like - greater sensitivity to feelings and emotions. neuroticism, a personality trait linked to a tendency toward negativity or distress, low self-esteem, and more.

The main point of today's post is on how to connect to an introvert. If you are a new person in their life, know this well that it's going to take time and you need to be patient and let them come to you and let them judge and feel confident and comfortable about letting you in. Trust is a hard trait for an introvert cause they are not used to it.

Once the introvert starts to feel comfortable around you, they start to smile around you, slowly adjust your presence in their space, share little things from their private life with you, or totally be frank with you!

The wrong choice / the poor choice of words, your dialect, or your behavior, is what can get your relationship with an introvert into trouble.

Let me shed a little light on one of the conversations that I had with a person, recently! Whom I trusted to comfort me but with their single sentence, they blew our entire relationship. We met each other after a long time and irrespective of knowing everything about each other, the person goes like, "ARE YOU REALLY AN INTROVERT OR JUST LIKE THAT !! " It was something that was very unexpected to me and I take a look at my father and he understands that I am feeling very awkward now. I somehow gather the strength and smile. After a short awkward pause, I replied," I and dad are likewise, we do not like to indulge in conversations." Which seemed like a small sentence that I spoke within a few seconds, it took a huge toll on my mind and my heart to reply to that. But since I am exploring being a little more social, I did not let it sink in. I tried to forget and I carried out the entire evening with peace.

These types of questions or any other misfortunate private question to an introvert can cause serious barriers in your relationship with them. Even if they were opening up to you, they will be scared to even think about giving you another chance. Introverts are very delicate people which is why you should always be careful about what you speak with them or how you act with them.

If you are friends with an Introvert please remember to give them their space but also to try to be there for them when they need it! You do not need words to comfort them, your presence will be enough for their support. Remember that introversion is a lifestyle choice, not a problem! It may or may not be associated with depression but it is not always the case. If you suspect that someone you care for is going through depression and is an introvert, please look for strange signs and symptoms in their routine. Yes, it is more difficult for an introvert to ask for help if they are going through depression which is why you can always observe them from the sidelines but not in their space.

Che7rry Blossom,



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