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The Struggle!

This post deeply relates with people suffering from mental health disorders. Especially Depression , Bipolar disorder , Personality Behaviour and more.

It's hard, isn't it? The consistency of feeling normal, though I am on my way to be a better version of myself! At times I still feel tremendously low , question myself , my life, doubt everything single thing. Ask myself questions like, what's the point of this all? I got this degree to help others and I am still studying for my another degree and am I really good enough to helps others while I still struggle with it myself? Is my educations and my degree enough to help others if not myself? I'm sure there are others like me out there, we all are convalescing from our own traumatic experiences. And I'm sure that we all get those dark clouds over us where we feel that all our progress is just a high phase and we are going to hit Rock Botton once again.!

I'm going to be honest right now, I am in a pessimistic phase where I am dubious about my strengths and my progress. I'm questioning my purpose, I feel like I am back to being that person who just couldn't get up from her bed.

But then I sough help from my confidant - my parents . No matter what shit and hell I made them go through and what sort of conflicts I had with them. Once they started to understand about how fragile I was, they have literally tried to raise me on fluffy cushions. Though I wish, it should have always been the case, but I was born in 1999! So yeah, the understanding of psychiatric disorders and counseling of parents on how to treat their ill child was not very up to date in the 2000's, it was mostly medication and therapy sessions. 21st century people are some what lucky that they have something called parent counselling meetings where parents with special needs children ( psychiatric illness ) gather and talk and share about their feels which in terms helps them deal with their beloved ill child and help understand them better and support them even more. Now-a-days parents themselves go to Psychiatrists to seek help on how to behave with their children and how to be more of an idealistic parent to them.

Anyway, I gathered the courage to ring my parents when I was almost at the verge of having a nervous breakdown, my parents quickly understood my current state and especially my dad is a very calm personality when It comes to handling my panic attacks. He talked to me for a while, tried to comfort me and I sure as hell felt a little better and decided to write this post, right after I talked with him.

No matter our age, no matter who we are. I believe we all have that baby-ish child inside, who just needs to be cuddled and smothered in love and affection. Adorned by our trusted and close circle of people or just a person.

If you are suffering like me and are having a really hard time. Just know that you need to talk to someone, its not going to last long but Just get in touch with a person you feel comfortable with. Express your feelings to them, I'm sure it will help you let go of that huge burden you are feeling right now. Please don't let these pessimistic thoughts drag you down. These are just thoughts but if you have worked on yourself to be better then that is something real , its actual reality and thoughts should not affect your reality and your present. Be strong, asking for help or needing someone or even being dependent on someone emotionally is not wrong. We just need to make sure that person or group of persons are really the ones we can rely on. Sometimes we make mistakes and trust the wrong people , but it shouldn't hinder with the fact that there are good people out there who would really understand us and make sure to be there for us in times of need.

yours, Che7rry Blossom



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