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Never Let Anyone Take Advantage Of Your Innocence!

Hey my Loves! , It's just been a few days since I started my blog. But to my astonishment I have already started receiving hate mail, which is funny by the way! Probably someone in need of help! Which is totally understandable. I hope they recover and heal well!

What I have learned from my courses and my life experiences is that people with sweet tongue at the front are the most poisonous at the back. Yes , this doesn't apply to everyone being nice to us like our Dearest Family and Friends and our Companions like our Therapists.

All I wanna discuss today is about how to not let anyone harm you or let anyone make your mental health even worse. Don't let them get to you! I know from experience that its not easy to stand up for yourself and for me it took years and even now I can't stand up for myself but I have something called a Bipolar Disorder and I have a few episodes of Mania right after I am on my way to recover from my depressive phase. I know , its not something to be proud of, cause even I do not know what kind of horrible things I can do in my Mania, it took a while for me to get diagnosed properly and as we all know that mental health disorders usually overlap with each other and it takes time and observation of our Respected Caregivers and Doctors to actually point out our issues. And I am not proud of this and I shouldn't say this but I think my Manic Episodes took care of me over the years, it made me stand up even if in Anger and Anguish, I was able stop people from bulling me and taking advantage of my innocence and weaknesses. My maniac self was my Protective Sister taking care of me.

But please do not get any ideas from my words, its just something personal that I am sharing. You do not need maniac episodes to take care of yourself and stand up for yourselves. Even though it may take a lot of time and strength to stand up for yourself , never sell yourself short cause one day my Dear you are going to hold your head up high and be able to stop it. Please , just keep trying even if it hurts at times and you want to cry it out . Do it! Cry and heal and pick up the strength to hold yourself and try again. Never lose hope on yourself . Never stop trying , you may lose hope at times but it doesn't mean its the end. I am here for you!

Yours, Che7rry Blossom



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