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Reasons To Wake Up every Morning!

Greetings People! Today I feel enthusiastic to talk about the reasons I wake up every morning.

Due to the ongoing pandemic from past 2 years, its been a bliss for us Introverts cause either way we do not like to socialise. But on the contrary, talking from a perspective of a Psychotherapist. It definitely was a huge drawback in our lives , we could have tried to be better but the laziness or what we call it as Procrastinations wouldn't let us do anything. But that's okay! It's never too late.

During the pandemic , what really helped me was my ESA ( Emotional Support Animal ).! I have pleural ESA that means I am a Pet Mom to multiple pets. I am proud to be a mom to 19 indoor pets. Cats and Rabbits to be specific!

Though I would like to Add a Cation, not every mentally ill person needs an ESA cause some of us are not very lucky and cannot take care of themselves , let alone to be responsible to take care of another living being. Which can add more trauma than be helpful.

My motivation to wake up every morning was to feed my pets , clean them , keep their living space hygienic. They were the reason that I got up from my bed, though I was on high dose antidepressants , I knew that I am their mom, responsible for so many beautiful innocent lives. They are my power house, they make me feel alive.

I can be quiet emotional and I am highly sensitive and used to be very pessimistic personality. They helped me.

I hope whoever is reading this, it brings you some sort of comfort and may be you can try to get yourself an ESA , probably adopt a pet. They are many strays and abandoned pets that need our love and care. And that can bring us love and solace too!

Yours cherry Blossom ,



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